Where Do You Start?

A Granite Kitchen Remodel

Look at Me!

Deciding to remodel is the easy part.  The difficult part is in which room and how much do you want to spend.  Most residential remodeling happens in the kitchen and master bathroom.  This is probably because we spend most of our time in those rooms.  Please consult with a realtor or interior designer in your area for specifics, but upgrades to these two rooms usually increase the value of your home the most.

Now, what doyou put on my countertops?  You need to ask yourself if money is an issue?  If it is, your most economical choice is going to be granite.  The price you end up paying is going to depend on the color of granite you choose and the edge option you choose.  There are many beautiful granites available that are not very expensive.

Your next task will be to decide which color of granite you want to use.  You can begin your research on the internet, but i believe you will want to go to a natural stone importer and select your exact slabs that will be cut to fit your kitchen perfectly.  This can be an overwhelming experience for some, but definitely an interesting experience for most.  At a slab yard, you will see many, many granite color options.  You may want to get help from a designer for this step because the granite is often the focal point of your kitchen.  For a list of granite yards in the Houston area, you can follow some of the links on the side of the page or go to www.granitequeen.com/suppliers for a list including addresses and phone numbers.  The people at these yards are very nice and can guide you as you look for a moderate, mid-ranged or more expensive granite selection.

You will be able to take home granite samples to help you in your selections of other things like paint colors, flooring, cabinets and backsplash selections.  About 1 – 2 weeks prior to your actual installation, you can go back to the slab yard and make your final selection.  Your fabricator will be able to tell you how many slabs you need to choose.  The slab yard will tag your selection with your information to insure that your particular slabs are picked up by your fabricator.  Some of the granite slab yards require an appointment, so you may want to call in advance.

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